Top Trends in Digital Marketing in 2015

What problems are successful digital marketers facing today and what
trends are they embracing to address those challenges?

As the main speaker at the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur’s Forum hosted by DingDing TV,
Cyndy Sandor founder of FireStart Partners explains the most popular trends — and
problems — in digital marketing today.  Let’s face it, telling your
company’s story in a digital landscape isn’t easy.  Strategies in digital
marketing are complicated and change continuously, and so do the best
practices. This dynamic landscape requires anyone involved in digital
marketing — from startups to large organizations — to stay current, and
even one step ahead of the market trends.

A successful digital marketing strategy revolves around a smart content
development, marketing and distribution plan.  Cyndy looks at how a
powerful content strategy broadcasts your company’s story to the world and
touches every marketing initiative within your marketing roadmap.

Other trends are explored during this discussion such as the importance of
creating content that your audience/customers will thank you for, why
content curation is a must, authentic branding,  why you should sell less
and tell your story better, why experimentation is the key to success and
the importance of marketing automation tools.

This informative video will help move you and your company closer to your
marketing goals and objectives.


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