Smart Content Marketing for 2016 [Infographic]

This is one of the best content marketing infographics I’ve discovered addressing 2016 Content Marketing Trends, courtesy of David Wallace at ZenContent.  While we’re almost half way through 2016, there are some timeless and extremely useful recommendations here.

A significant portion of our FireStart digital marketing strategy recommendations (especially for startups) revolve around a smart content marketing strategy to attract, engage, retain and hopefully convert the right audience targets. It’s a crucial marketing and user acquisition initiative that is often overlooked in favor of fast traction options, such as social media advertising or SEM.

The truth is that many marketing components must work together, including content marketing, to create an effective integrated marketing strategy.  It’s very similar to a bicycle, where you have different gears meshing and turning together to produce power and speed.  For example, it’s pretty much impossible to pedal a bicycle up a steep hill unless you use the right gear to increase your climbing force. Once you’re back on the straight, it’s a different story. Flick to a different gear and you can go incredibly fast: you can magically make your wheels turn round much faster than you’re pedaling.

It’s the same with digital marketing strategy, with content marketing being the largest gear in the bunch.


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