EnjoyFresh is a marketplace for unique dining experiences and local food vendors and producers. Chefs and local restaurants are hand-picked to provide members with exclusive, chef-curated dining experiences like off menu dishes, tasting menus and chef-led workshops. EnjoyFresh also provide a marketplace for local artisanal food vendors who hand-craft their products for local consumers and[…]

Breaking Modern Sponsored by HTC

Designed to capture a broad, tech enthusiast millennial audience, HTC commissioned the aNewDomain editorial team and the FireStart marketing team to design, write and create a captivating content site on a variety of lifestyle topics including tech, sports, music, fashion, travel, photography, games, food and more. Named Breaking Modern, the goal was to quietly bring[…]


StyleChat is a fashion mobile app that featured unique virtual try-on capability by capturing fashion images from any online website and allowing the user create styleboards and collections to “try on” via a selfie image.  The founder contracted FireStart to help StyleChat effectively differentiate themselves in an over-saturated market prior to a public launch campaign.[…]