Smart Content Marketing for 2016 [Infographic]

This is one of the best content marketing infographics I’ve discovered addressing 2016 Content Marketing Trends, courtesy of David Wallace at ZenContent.  While we’re almost half way through 2016, there are some timeless and extremely useful recommendations here. A significant portion of our FireStart digital marketing strategy recommendations (especially for startups) revolve around a smart content marketing[…]


EnjoyFresh is a marketplace for unique dining experiences and local food vendors and producers. Chefs and local restaurants are hand-picked to provide members with exclusive, chef-curated dining experiences like off menu dishes, tasting menus and chef-led workshops. EnjoyFresh also provide a marketplace for local artisanal food vendors who hand-craft their products for local consumers and[…]

Top Trends in Digital Marketing in 2015

What problems are successful digital marketers facing today and what trends are they embracing to address those challenges? As the main speaker at the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur’s Forum hosted by DingDing TV, Cyndy Sandor founder of FireStart Partners explains the most popular trends — and problems — in digital marketing today.  Let’s face it, telling your[…]

Squizz Digital Signage

Squizz (Australian slang for “take a look”) Digital Signage is a simple but powerful solution for small business digital signage. It combines affordable hardware with simple to use software that helps small businesses implement a digital signage solution quickly and easily. Squizz hired FireStart to after being live for about a year to jumpstart their[…]


VendorPage is a unique cloud-based document and file sharing application designed specifically for the needs of vendors, buyers and sales representatives. At the time the founder contracted FireStart, they were in early beta stage, needing help with an overall marketing strategy and roadmap to help drive new B2B partners and users, a competitive messaging platform,[…]


StyleChat is a fashion mobile app that featured unique virtual try-on capability by capturing fashion images from any online website and allowing the user create styleboards and collections to “try on” via a selfie image.  The founder contracted FireStart to help StyleChat effectively differentiate themselves in an over-saturated market prior to a public launch campaign.[…]

The State of Content Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

Content marketing is a hot topic these days when it comes to how you spend your marketing dollars—and how to get the most return on your investment. Smart Insights polled readers for their opinion on the single digital marketing tool they thought would have the greatest impact to drive results for their business in 2015. Overwhelmingly, the[…]